Could your second home be used for Student Accommodation

So many people these days have a second home. It maybe through a buy to let purchase, inheritance or even two single home owners moving into one property together. Often the first thing people do is get their home ready and have it put on the rental market for residential tenants. But have you considered letting it out for student accommodation.

There are many positive reasons for becoming a student property landlord, of course the biggest and most important reason is of course money. Here in Nottingham a typical 3 bedroom house can fetch a rent of upto £500 per month part furnished. However as a 3 bed dstudent house, if you were to generously furnish it you could be fetching upto £1000 per month. Convert the lounge into bedroom and 4 and this soon becomes £1440.

To acheive this tyou are going to need to put your hand in your pocket and invest. Maybe now is the time to renovate the kitchen and bathroom and gibve the whole place a lick of paint and put some new carpets down. Sure this does cost but you can do many things on a budget and if you hare handy with DIY the n a little elbow grease soon brings the costs down. Remember even as a residential your maybe required to renovate, this is somthing you will need to do at some point inevitably unless it has had these done recently. So why not do it now and get the maaximum rents.

Students properties are required top have furniture – bed,desks etc. Once agian you can buy these on a budget and with the large rents coming in you soon get your money back anyway. To really help maximise your rents consider tv’s in each room and in the lounge. All these things make your property very competitiveand appelling to students. For more information on the what your property will need take a look here.

Students often get a bad press for being untidy tenants. This does happen but if you enlist the services of a student letting agency like Shields Student Homes then they can take care of the headaches often associated with student tenants. Unlike residential lettings, the tenancy only lasts 1 year so you always have a turn around of occupants and this helps you stay on top of your property. Deposits are there to fix damages that may occur and regular inspections will keep them on there toes.

There is so much information on-line and great websites to help you with all the information you may need for converting your property into student accommodation so do not be afraid to get looking around and consider making your second home not only a great future investment but also a good sustainable income.

Commercial solar photovoltaics


Though the name itself seems quite complex, is the process in which we turn the power generated by the sun into something which can switch your kettle on each morning. The ‘photo’ in photovoltaic refers to light whereas ‘voltaic’ refers to volt, the unit of measurement of the electrical force.

The idea of using photovoltaic power was initially thought out back in the 1870s, however, it was not until 1941 that a specific battery was designed that would allow solar energy to be stored, and the first silicon monocrystalline solar cell was created! Even still, it was not until 1970 that PV cells were produced on a commercial basis. These original cells were very expensive and therefore solar power was seen as a luxury option, this is, fortunately, no longer the case!

The cost of producing PV panels have dropped significantly, meaning that you can add solar panels to your home or business without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money and safe in the knowledge that it will be efficient enough that you will not be wasting your hard earned money. On top of saving yourself money on electric and heating bills, you will also be helping the environment by using renewable energy!

But how much do you know about how commercial solar photovoltaic actually works?

A solar PV cell is made up of silicon semiconductors, which release electrons when exposed to light; such as those giving out from the sun. There are two layers of these semiconductors, one with a positive and one with a negative charge. When the two layers absorb light the process creates opposing forces, making the electrons move. The more of this movement that is generated the more energy is produced, in the form of a direct current (DC).

This energy cannot go anywhere without an inverter however. The inverter works sort of like a brain for the PV system, converting the DC power supply generated by the solar panels into a useable alternating current (AC) supply. It also helps to draw the maximum power from the solar panels and monitors the voltage generated by the panels on top of monitoring the frequency and the amount of DC power converted. At night-time, when no more energy is being produced the inverter simply turns itself off.

Because it is such a vital part of the PV system, you should be particularly careful over which company you buy from as well as the type of inverter you choose to use. Waldon Energy generally work with Fronius International GmbH, one of the world’s leading inverter manufacturers, based in Austria.


Door To Door Shipping To Bangladesh Made Easy

Door To Door Shipping To Bangladesh Made Easy

Shipping cargo from UK to Bangladesh can be quite a tricky thing to do. There are all the logistical things, the price and then the worry of what is going to happen to the cargo when it leaves your possession. Well aim to make things nice and easy for you by doing all the hard work so that once it leaves your home you do not have to worry about a single thing.

The door to door shipping service that they are offering is just amazing. Just give them a call and work out all the details and then they do exactly what they say they will do. They will take it from your door and deliver it to the person in Bangladesh’s door. You may think that a cargo service to Bangladesh especially one that is door to door would cost you a fortune, but that is not the case at all when dealing with As well as offering a great door to door cargo service they do it at the lowest prices you can find.

Sending anything door to door can be a real headache, but not when you are dealing with Without a shadow of a doubt this is the best door to door service that you will find. Shipping international no longer has to be any kind of hassle for you and with such a great door to door service available it’s very easy to see why these guys are classed as the best way to send cargo to Bangladesh.

Make A Trip To The Middle East Better By Learning Arabic

arabic tuition

Thanks to it has never been easier for people to learn Arabic in London and one of the main reasons that so many people are wanting to learn Arabic is because these days the Middle East is something of a tourist hotspot for people not only from the UK, but all other parts of the world as well.  One way to really dive into the Arab culture is by learning the language before you go. Not only will it be a great deal of fun for you, but it will also make your holiday much more enjoyable being able to talk to people in their own language.

It really does not matter what Arabic country it is that you will be visiting. As you have taken the time to learn Arabic in London you can go to Qatar (home of the 2022 World Cup!) Lebanon with its spectacular night life. Dubai which is the city of the future, The historically beautiful place that is Egypt and there are many more spectacular places that you can plan a holiday to. But while all of these places will offer you a great eye opening time. By using and learning the Arabic language you can make your trip even more special.

How great will it feel to be in a new and exciting country, but be able to order a drink in Arabic? Well by making an effort before you go to learn Arabic in London you can make this really happen. The Arabic people are very proud and will love it when you speak to them in their own language.

Equipment Street – A Marketplace For All Your Office Equipment Needs

Darla and Victor – the new restaurant entrepreneur couple from Atlanta, GA – found themselves faced with a major crisis when they were hit with four equipment losses due to basement fire. Victor explains, “It all started from an old outdated electric outlet that was connected to the basement freezers. We had to renovate the entire kitchen and in the meantime, left with no money to pay for brand new equipments in order to replace the damaged ones. I started using the refrigerator and appliances from home to make up for the incoming customer orders and ended up in a snowball situation. We eventually had to seek help from Equipment Street. We are now on the right track again, and I am happy to say that we have the safest and reliable equipments to get the job done.”

Equipment failures like these couples faced are more common than you might think. But the problem is that no one wants to take trouble in finding out the best and cost-effective replacement for the damaged ones. And equipment failures, whether it is in a commercial business or at home, continue to be treated like a dirty little secret. While the majority of us seem satisfied to buy a new one from a local store for whatever price the tag carries, experts recommend that we put some time and effort into doing some research and finding the right one. Of course, figuring out how you are going to get such equipments for the price and quality no one can beat is hard if you don’t have access to internet. If you have never shopped online, there is no time like the present to do so, especially when you are looking for office equipments.

office furniture

Equipment Street is a website where you can buy, and sell, equipments based on the criteria you place. This website facilitates the acquisition of equipments for your business (restaurant, office, telecom, security, industry, technology, automobile and so on) as well as personal needs by providing a marketplace for buyers and sellers and offering various payment options during transactions.

The purpose of Equipment Street is to take a snapshot of your equipment needs, place it on the website’s marketplace for others to see. This task is a lot easier than searching for your equipments from hundreds of random websites on the internet through search engines. You will have your searching job cut out for you as you try your hand at framing your business or personal requirements on the website. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to place your ad as a buyer. It is pretty obvious there whether you are dealing with one equipment or hundreds. Here is what you might come across as you place your needs – a big list of potential sellers with their price for the equipment you are seeking – and you might want to change your purchase, depending on what you find.Equipment Street pre-screens all its sellers and buyers, one of the ways to know that you are dealing with legitimate persons and businesses.

That’s something that Robert of Cincinatti, discovered for his store when he switched it from general appliances to computer hardware. “There was a large adjustment in profit, and gone were bulk orders. Video consoles, software and computer parts were all purchased from Equipment Street. Needless to say, I found myself with zero debt unlike my previous store. I solved my equipment procurement problems by gradually learning how to place ads and attracting the best sellers out there while negotiating price at the same time.”

Now that you have had a chance to set your wish list on a ‘heavy-duty’ bazaar, you might be interested in finding out who your potential sellers are and how your budget measure up to their offerings. Simply click on the appropriate button and within a second you have an instant access to that list. For sellers, equipment dealers, manufacturers and distributors, finding potential buyers is equally convenient; click on ‘storefront’ and you are ready to contact the buyers.

Tips for Buying Equipments

Once you have decided that Equipment Street is the right place to find your treasure, you would like to enter the wonderful world of owning it. Your first task is to figure out how much equipment you can afford. After all, there is no point shopping in thousand dollar range if you are limited to hundreds range. Let your potential sellers know about your budget clearly.

Next thing, you may want to decide on the mode of payment for your equipment purchase. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of tax, shipping and handling as well. Also, be sure that you have left yourself enough breathing room to be able to come up with the right budget for your business without breaking the bank. Research prices, features, equipment markets, and anything else that might help you save money on your equipment without compromising quality.

Learn to speak the language of equipment sellers. If you haven’t got a clue about the terms they are referring, perhaps it is time to consult that equipment’s glossary from library. Prepare to make the best possible buyer to the sellers that you intend to deal with. That way, you will be eligible for promotions and discount offers, even free shipping and handling. Also, you don’t want to go through the trauma of having your shipment lost somewhere during the transit. So make sure the sellers send a secured shipment with delivery confirmation.

Find out what other customers from the seller are saying, how happy they are with their purchases and whether they got extra bells and whistles as deals. If you are a seller, look for ways to boost your presence without going overboard. If you are buying equipments for commercial use, do not go for residential types. Whether new or used, they are against local health code, hard to clean, less durable and not designed for heavy use.

Author bio. : Mary Hulse is a freelance writer who has written for many companies including  including Equipment Street that offers office equipments.

office supplies

The Top Emergency Boiler Repair Tips

london boiler repairs

Do you need emergency boiler repair? If your boiler stops working this can be a difficult situation for you and you must get the boiler repaired. This isn’t a job for most regular people so you’ll need to call in professionals to complete this sort of work.

24-Hour Service

The first thing you’ll need to do when looking for emergency boiler repair is to find a service that operate 24 hours a day so your boiler can be repaired right away. Platinum Emergency Services, a 24 hour boiler repair service in London, suggestions that if you operate a business, you need to get the boiler working right away to reduce the loss of income in your business. Most services that offer 24 hour service will be able to complete the work that day to get your boiler up and running again.


You want to work with services that have a lot of experience in this area so look online or through the yellow pages for companies that have been doing boiler repair for several years. These companies have the expertise behind them and they will quickly get your boiler repaired for you.


Before you hire a service you should get some reference you can check out. If the service doesn’t want to give you references then you shouldn’t hire them. You want the ability to verify that the company is a good one by calling someone that has used the service before. This might not be possible in an emergency situation but you should do it if you can. Another thing you can do is to just ask people of they have used the service before. You may know individuals that can give you a good recommendation on a company that does excellent emergency boiler repair. By getting reference or going with word of mouth you will get the work done the right away and have fewer headaches and hassles along the way.

Ask Questions

Make sure you ask a lot of questions before you hire the service. If they can’t answer your questions then go with someone else. You need the work done right away so make sure you understand what you’re going to be getting before you hire anyone. Here’s a few common question you might ask:

  • How long have you been in business?

  • What can we expect form these repairs?

  • How long will it take?

  • Can we see references?

  • How can we keep this from happening again?

The more informed you are the better it’s going to be for you. Ask questions and understand what you’re going to receive before you hire the company.


It’s a good idea to get a couple of quotes from various companies. If you work for a business that has a budget you may need to do this t stay within your budget. Getting quotes from two or three companies also gives you a fall back plan in case one company doesn’t work out in the way you intended.

If you need emergency boiler repair take your time and get a good company to help you with your problems. Do your research first as it will pay off.


London Acting Lessons

Acting lessons are vital part of any stage or screen performer. In fact, some of the best acting classes are in London. London is a very large city that emphasizes on drama, acting, theatre, and other cultural aspects of life.

Acting lessons can include beginners acting, which is great for anyone looking to get started in acting and performing. Acting lessons can also allow you to sharpen your acting skills while retaining your own original spin on your performances. If you are looking to become a professional or theatre actor, intermediate and advanced acting lessons are a great way to raise your skill bar. These lessons will increase your understanding of how to express the characters and even improvise your own spin into your acting.

Acting lessons do not only have to be acting on a stage. Some acting lessons are voice based. So it will allow you to train your voice to make it more vibrant and beautiful. This will allow you to set your voice free and develop a confidant, resonant voice for your acting. Voice training will work on your breathing technique which is a very important part of having a strong voice while acting. They will also help with your posture, relaxation, confidence, resonance, projection, pitch, tone, and articulation. There are many voice training acting lessons in London that will help you become a better version of you.

Of course, trained acting with scripts is not the only part of acting. Improvisation is an extremely important and vital part to acting. Improvisation is when you are acting without a script and letting your creativity and imagination determine how your character is portrayed. This is a great skill for anyone who is trying to increase their imagination and creativity. It’s an amazing skill for writers, actors, and anyone else who requires creativity. Of course since improvisation is one of the most important acting skills, it demands a large amount of communication and instinct. London has some of the best improvisation classes there are.

London is the world center of culture and theatre. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is even in London and hosts some of the best actors in the world due to their world renowned prestige and class. Sam Rumbelow coaches Method Acting techniques of Lee Strasberg in London.  The Globe Theatre even hosts some its own acting classes; while these classes are expensive you are guaranteed to learn vast amounts of knowledge on acting and performing. While it is not required learning at the Globe Theatre to become a good actor, London is definitely one of the best places to register for acting lessons.


Trolley Tokens: The Little Known Promotional Gold Mine

When we think business promotion, our minds usually wander to the big billboard we saw while on our way to work or that annoying commercial that cut off our favourite television programme.

This is text book advertising at its best and it’s easy to see why these among others have been a popular means of getting your message across for years. I mean, they tick all the boxes right? You have somewhat of a captive audience who for a short time get to find out why you’re the best thing since sliced bread.

As a business owner, finding the most effective way to get your brand noticed is a priority. But what if you don’t have the mammoth marketing budgets of Coca Cola or Mercedes? What if you’re just starting out or simply need a way to be effective without bleeding yourself dry?

Sometimes traditional methods of advertising aren’t necessarily suited for you at a particular time and you need to get creative.

One such method is through the use of promotional gifts or more specifically, trolley tokens.

So, what are Trolley Tokens?

Supermarkets now demand a £1 deposit whenever a shopper uses a trolley which is given back only when the trolley is returned to its proper place.  This, however, raises the problem of digging for coins which can be stressful for buyers especially in a day when most people prefer to carry cards over physical cash.

The trolley token is a simple disc that takes the place of a £1 coin and can be used and reused as a deposit for your trolley. This makes it a handy little item for shoppers. All you have to do is hang it off your key chain and take it out whenever you need to!

Why should you consider them for your business?

  1. You have a captive audience. Because more and more supermarkets are adopting this system, tokens have become a necessity whether you like them or not. It doesn’t matter what your age, gender or profession is. As long as you go shopping and use a cart, you need one of them. If you give the people in your target audience their own trolley tokens, they’ll be sure to use them.

  2. Reusable. Because they can be used over and over again, they are constantly exposed to your brand. This frequent visualization of your advertisement will quickly familiarize them with your business.

  3. Short, sweet and powerful. One of the principles of design says that an advertiser must use short, powerful, and straightforward messages. This makes them easy to remember. As trolley tokens don’t have room for flattery, a catchy design and short promotion is all you need to get your point across. People are more likely to remember your ad because of your effective design.

  4. Easily Accessible. Trolley tokens will almost always be on a shopper’s person or at the very least within their reach. They are usually attached to key chains which are either kept always either kept on their body, in their bag, or anywhere accessible. If they ever need to find specific details such as your telephone numbers or websites, the token is readily available.

  5. Cheap. Compared to other forms of advertising, custom tokens are cheap to manufacture and distribute.

  6. They look good. Sometimes getting someone interested in something is as simple as making it attractive. A well designed token can become something of a fashion accessory for the style savvy. They can be decorative as well as practical.


Need more Convincing?

Sure, these reasons all look good on paper but what about in practice?

According to a study done by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA):

  • Promotional gifts give a fairly good return on investment (ROI), usually equal to and in most cases higher than other forms of advertising.

  • Close to 90% of people that received promotional merchandise kept them for more than a year.

  • Over three quarters of respondents said they would eventually do business with the respective company in the near future.

Also according to statistics by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI):

  • The positive perception of a company by a customer is increased by over 25% if the product given is useful. For example a pen or for the sake of this article a trolley token.

  • The rate of repeat orders by customers is increased by over 16%.

In the end, trolley tokens are there to tell and remind your target audience that you exist. Think of them as portable, more durable post it notes for the average shopper. Constant exposure and familiarity coupled with good design is the foundation of any rock solid ad.

Photo By DavidOnFlickr.


How the Twister Can Revolutionize Businesses in the Oil and Gas Industry

Posted by Admin on December 10th 2013

Often, an industry will believe that they have solved a problem, and following that point, no further innovation will go on, for several decades. This could be seen in the print industry (at least until e-book readers changes all that), and often happens in the food and drink industry. The oil & gas industry, at least related to storage / waste, is another one of these. After all, you figure – if the tank is holding the crude oil, then why do I care what happens after that? But a lot of different situations can take place, and one such new innovation is revolutionary enough that you have to pay attention if you hope to be successful in upcoming years.

I’m talking, of course, about the Twister – a new innovative product that has recently been released by Waterline LLC. What exactly does this product do? Well, through some patent-pending technology, it can keep the bottom of a crude oil tank more fluidized, which has numerous positive consequences, we’re about to discuss. It’s an amazing day for those of us who work in the crude oil tank cleaning business.

Picture this: You haven’t touched the crude oil tank in weeks. What does this mean for you? This means that at the bottom of your tank, all you’re going to find is sludge. So you’re going to need to find an employee on the site to go in there – and keep in mind it’s an enclosed space, so you have to deal with those additional hassles. And they’re going to have to clean up the mess. It’s a lot of work, that now, thanks to this amazing technology, can be easily and happy skipped over.

If you’re in the oil and gas industry, and you want your business to be successful, do yourself a favor and look into the Twister. It can truly make your work day easier.


Developing New Credit Behaviors

Repairing your credit score and getting rid of the negative credit report information and catching on your overdue costs, this could raise your credit history but might not be sufficient to make people credit-worthy yet again. However, to raise your credit history high enough to entitle one to a loan, you will need to rebuild your score. Doing so would certainly only prove that you have the capability to deal with credit responsibility.

Although it could be difficult to commence, but once people achieve that momentum you’ll need, you will always be sashaying to a fantastic credit score. You’ll be able to always begin simply by developing the expected credit habits, however, do not sacrifice essential services such as PDQ machines at your business just to save money. (See Here)

The Do’s of Utilizing your Credit Card Properly

Although many people are born without the skill it requires make use of credit cards, you have to learn the rules on the game. All you need to do is to remember simple do’s in addition to don’ts of credit card usage and on time, you would pleasant healthy spending habits in your fiscal life.

The first thing you do want to ever do is to apply your credit card to create your everyday buying, especially food, gasoline and clothing. It can be bad enough not to ever have cash-on-hand nevertheless buying simple everyday items can grow into a habit wherein you might tend to substitute credit cards with cash. It is always advisable not to take your credit card from a wallet for everyday purchases but rather use your cash or a debit card.

The following point you do not wish to accomplish is develop a habit of generating minimum-only payments. Should you make minimum payments on a monthly basis, you are simply increasing the amount of time it will take that you pay off your credit card debt. Additionally, it will even increase the quantity of interest you could turn out paying.

If you are one of those people who typically buy things which are way off spending budget, remember not make use of your credit card to get things you are unable to afford. One way to get into debt is living off borrowed funds. You might turn out waking one day realizing you might be so much in debt that you would like to return your high-priced purchases back to wherever you bought them from.

The Do’s of Utilizing your Credit Card Properly

Learn how to create correct decisions in terms of buying items you’ll need against those you just want. Everybody knows what “need” is and what “want” is. Remember not to ever substitute need in the want and vice versa. If you use your credit cards wisely, it only means that you will be being responsible throughout recognizing what things you’ll need and which you merely want.

Next, always let your creditor know upfront if you would not have the capacity to pay your payment per month on time. Since most creditors offer assistance with your payment in case you give them a heads up, it’s important not to simply leave out the payment for not any reason at all. You can do that by simply contacting your creditor, explain your situation and ask whenever they allow late fees to get waived. Try to obtain credit card processing services for your business that will result in a good return on investment, this can be difficult to find but there are independent providers out there that offer state of the art PDQ machine hire and can get you approved for special merchant bank account.

Lastly, don’t exceed with your borrowing limit. The safest would be to stay within at most 30% of your credit limit. Because the major part of your respective credit score reflects on the amount of debt you have, it is important to maintain your balance low in order to preserve a good credit score.

Find out about how your business finance can benefit from the latest PDQ Machine Hire by visiting this blog article: