The Impact of Equipment Purchases on Profit and Tax

During the day to day running of your company you may from time to time purchase equipment for use during the course of business. This may be as simple as lap top you need to run the business or in fact more specialist equipment such as a printing press. This blog post will identify and explain the two separate impacts that such a purchase will have on both company profits and the calculation of the company’s corporation tax bill. The two effects are very different and this is something that is often overlooked and assumed to be the same.

Aside from the cash needed to purchase a piece of equipment for your business the impact on both tax and profit needs to be considered. The impact on the company’s profit and loss statement is unlikely to reflect the full amount of the equipment purchased. This is because of the effects of depreciation. Depreciation is an accountancy technique or transaction that allocates the cost of the equipment across the useful life of the equipment. This means that if the equipment is expected to be used during the course of business for five years, then the actual cost reflected within the company’s profit and loss account would be 1/5 multiplied by the cost of the equipment. The depreciation impact is very different to the tax impact.

As you can see within the paragraph above, the impact on profit or loss is affected by depreciation which allocates the cost of equipment across a number of years. This is a different treatment to that used when calculating corporation tax. When calculating how much corporation tax is due for a period, a company is able to use what are called capital allowances. For the sake of simplification, this article assumes that the expenditure on equipment falls within the capital allowance threshold. Capital allowances permit a company to recognise the full cost of the equipment purchase against company profits within the year of acquisition. This means that the tax treatment is very different to the treatment of the expense within the company profit and loss account.

It’s important that companies get this calculation right so as not to under claim their respective tax deduction against corporation tax. This poses a further problem for accountants to deal with since reported profit within the company accounts will be different to that used within the corporation tax computation. The difference here is dealt with by recognising deferred taxation. An adjustment for deferred taxation is made to recognise the timing difference of utilising the full cost of equipment in year one for tax reasons and then attributing the cost of equipment over a number of years when calculating reportable profits. The adjustment effectively adjusts both outcomes to create a like for like comparison.

All of what has been discussed above can be quite technical in nature and business owners may well rely upon the assistance of an accountant for this reason alone. A cheap accountant can certainly help you with your company taxes and is a great option for helping your accountant manage your accounting entries.

Computer Repair Accreditations and What They Mean

Finding a qualified computer repair and support technician is a necessity for nearly every business in today’s rapidly expanding, technologically-based world. What does a certified tech need? There are different forms of accreditation that an individual can earn in order to work in computer repair and support, and this article will take a look at some of them and explain what each one means. Looking around the internet it’s worth checking out some of these computer technician related accreditations. CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol have a wide range of accreditations as well as data recovery technicians fully trained in every aspect of computer, laptop and mobile phone repair.

What does a computer repair technician need to do?

Like any profession, a computer repair technician must receive an education and proper training to help them succeed in their field. In this particular career, a technician needs to not just know the major computer and operating systems inside-out and be able to easily install different software, but also know how to fix personal computers, printers, disc drives, mainframes and other types of computer-related equipment. It takes a lot of hands-on training to be able to acquire the precision and patience that is required of a computer repair tech.

What kind of education does a computer repair technician need?

While there are many successful technicians who are self-taught and didn’t take any training courses beyond high school, the majority opt for an academic accreditation in the form of a post secondary degree. There are no industry standards for a computer repair technician, so the post secondary education will most likely vary amongst individuals.

Academic Accreditation

A high school graduate may consider a 6-12 month certification program or 1-2 year associate’s degree program through a technical institute or vocational school. The classroom instruction of these programs is accompanied by extensive hours of hands-on learning through the processes of installing, repairing and maintaining various types of computers. Students begin by learning basic digital logic and computer networking before they begin more intensive studies on the troubleshooting of computer microprocessors and electrical components and circuit boards.


The Computer Technology Industry Association’s (CompTIA) A+ certification exam is required by the majority of programs in order for an individual to become certified technician. Completion of the certification rests upon the results of two separate exam that test a person’s knowledge in the basic, entry-level skills that are required to effectively maintain and repair computer systems.

Advanced Computer Repair Technician Accreditation

While graduating from a program and passing the Computer Technology Industry Association’s exams are the primary accreditation that should be sought in a reliable technician, there are also those who have received advanced accreditation through an extended program. Advanced courses may include a more in-depth study of computer networks and diagnostics that can extend beyond just computers and electronic devices to other systems like lighting and home entertainment systems.

These are the fundamental accreditation that a computer repair and support technician should have, but it is also important to note that each individual tech should also be assessed based on their personal level of competence, experience as well references that demonstrate the extent of their abilities in computer repair.



Trade Certificates Provide Electricians and Heating Engineers for maintenance and installations

As the property market evolves in London, Kent and Essex, Trade Certificates are growing with it and have brought their own concept to the market by providing a whole host of services to support the landlords and estate agents.  Trade Certificates facilitate in the electrical, gas and EPC arenas which are fundamental to the safety of these properties.  Trade Certificates has become a one stop shop for all certification needs that a landlord or agent requires.  To highlight a few, testing of smoke alarms, fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire doors, gas supply and electrical supply all fall within the Trade Certificates offering.  All of these vital three sixty checks aid the compliance of legal requirements and in turn the leasing of any property on the market whether it be a house of multiple occupancy (HMO), a single dwelling or a commercial property.

Aligned with recurring requests that Trade Certificates has received from its clientele, additional service offerings have now been released.  Trade Certificates are proud to announce that maintenance and installation services sit within the product portfolio.  That meaning if you require a boiler repair, electrical repair, heating installation, electrical installation, boiler upgrade or consumer unit upgrade then Trade Certificates can fulfil this request for you.  That said, we remain accustomed to your certification needs, but can duly offer any remedial or separate one off jobs that you may desire.  Most of our clients have advised that post assessment (testing) it is their preference to utilise our trusted services further….. they say that “it just makes sense”….. but of course there is no obligation on the clients part.  We have faith however, after analysis of our own statistics, that once you utilise Trade Certificates once, then a return visit is probable should you require the services that we have the ability to competently provide!  Trade Certificates always puts its customers satisfaction first- a high quality service, prompt delivery and competitive rates generally satisfies this agenda.

In offering these additional services, Trade Certificates have had the ability to speed up the process of bringing properties to the market- that is, offering a broader package, landlords and/or agents have not found themselves in situations where they have to source and arrange for multiple tradesmen to complete various elements of the task in hand.  This naturally has had a very positive impact which has caused a ripple effect- happy landlord, happy agent, happy tenant!  Furthermore, a beaming Trade Certificates. Why you may ask?  Because another ripple effect has occurred- Trade Certificates has had the ability to multiply the Trade Certificates family! We have hired several local qualified people in the relevant areas where required, fulfilling one of our moral KPI’s.  Trade Certificates are an ethical company whose heartbeat lies with the care of the customer and the community (watch this space for future evidence of this…… all will be revealed).

The customer will always receive the relevant certification (whether gas, electrical or EPC) via Trade Certificates meaning that you can document that the job has been conducted correctly.  Said certificates can be highly valuable to the beholder when considering renting or even selling your property- these documents prove that you have received quality work by registered and regulated electrician, gas engineer and EPC assessor.  Ultimately, we will reiterate what we highlighted in the beginning….fundamentally you can rest assured that your property is safe…. or at least it will be once Trade Certificates have assessed it.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Media Contact:

Trade Facilities Services
Phone: 0203 637 1446


Which used vehicle is the best fuel efficient on mileage and cost?


2015 smart shopping tips

Automakers are bent on letting the world know how efficient on fuel their cars are. Older cars gulp down gluttons of fuel and are high-maintenance. This doesn’t mean you won’t find an old used car that has a economy fuel expenditure. The late model counterparts aren’t as thirsty, but they’re not cheap either. If you browse the Fords of Winsford online inventory, you’ll stumble upon quality used supermarket vehicles that are fuel efficient too. Here are the industry’s top 4 car models to buy used.


4 best small used vehicle models to own in 2015


If you’re addicted to sporty used models that are reliable, run on an efficient engine and won’t consume your fuel greedily; try the 2008 Mazda3 (1st generation). It’s a top ranked fuel-efficient small supermarket car that’s admired for its luxurious cabin and automation. If it’s tasteful enough for your lifestyle, check out to see what configurations are available.


How about going for something affordable and stylish? Well, Kia’s Soul released in several configurations doe 2010-2012 is a favourite too. Its boxy shape and well decked-out cabin promise a comfortable driving experience. The convertible cargo area is a bonus, which makes it ideal for frequent on-the-road travellers and recent graduates too.


If you’re someone who wants a comfortable car that has a stellar engine with low mileage and uses fuel efficiently, the 2010-2013 Toyota Prius is an award-winning model. Another competitive range by Toyota is their 2012/2013 Camry Hybrid. This sedan has a mpg rating of 38, which is the best of counterparts in the segment. Fords of Winsford has quality supermarket model used vehicles for comparable market price rates.


With gas prices rising steadily in the UK, high MPG used models are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to cut fuel cost and keep a low mileage. If you’re buying used, checking the car’s fuel economy rating is essential to the relationship you’ll have with the said vehicle. This cuts your car’s overall repair cost and operating budget. You can browse the FOW inventory to find quality fuel-efficient supermarket models for reasonable prices.


You won’t have to sacrifice any of the loved features of a car to get a fuel conscious one. Automakers have designed winning configurations that are sporty and safe. You’ll have the luxury of a reliable, powerful engine just the same. Brands like Mazda have taken a conservative approach to focus on engineering the best car types with outstanding fuel economy.


Ways to inspect your favourite used vehicle before you invest


You can’t afford to lose your investment because you failed to ask for a proper inspection. FOW trained car technicians are industry experts with multifaceted skills and superior industry experience. A buyer can ask to have the vehicle checked at the used supermarket car lot before finalizing the purchase. Fords of Winsford usually produce a WOF (warranty-of-fitness) certificate with all car purchases.


The full-service car supermarket facility has trained and professional mechanics that can cater to all your needs. The easy-to-use search tool allows you to find used vehicles by make and model instantly. You can expand your search to include other specifications too.

Top mechanics’ tricks and scams to avoid


If you own a car, you probably know how important it is for your car to be regularly serviced and maintained. Timely car service can go a long way towards saving you a lot of money in the future from repairs that could have been avoided with simple maintenance and servicing. But despite knowing this, many car owners’ avoid taking their cars to a mechanic because so many of them have a negative experience with one, like going in for one thing, and then taking your car home with many new repairs and pumped up bill. However, not taking the car to a car repair shop or a service provider is not the solution. There are still good and trusted repair shops out there; you just need to look harder to find them. A great place to start looking for a car repair facility is MyCarNeedsA. If you are from the UK, MyCarNeedsA is the perfect website for you, as they are partnered with the most reputable car servicing technicians in the UK and they will make the road to finding a good technician as convenient as possible. You’ll find a qualified service provider for anything you need: maintenance, diagnostics, simple and complex repairs like brake replacement or clutch replacement, certified MOT technicians, etc. Unlike other price comparison sites, MyCarNeedsA does not make you to search for the service providers; instead, they are bidding for doing your work. For safer choice, check all the bidders’ feedback and even search online for reviews before you choose. This will minimize the risk of being the victim of mechanic’s tricks.

Moving forward, we’ll now reveal the top used mechanic’s tricks:

1. Don’t fall for scare tactics

Sayings like “I wouldn’t drive this for another mile” should be viewed with suspicion. While there is a rare chance that this statement could be true, most of the time is just a scare tactic to make you stick with them and pay the price they demand.

2. Never sign a blank authorization form

Never, ever sign a blank authorization form, no matter what the service provider is trying to justify it with. Instead, always get a signed work order with a specific estimate for each job.

3. Don’t take a car with engine problems to a car technician that does not have the proper tools

Any mechanic who says “I don’t need a fancy equipment to fix your engine” should not be trusted and should be avoided. Despite what he may say, proper equipment is a must for repairing motor engines.

4. Getting a second opinion

When you are going to a different car servicing technician for a second opinion, don’t tell him what the first diagnosis and problem were. Many car technicians will use this fact to offer you a slightly cheaper price, but that does not necessarily mean that you’ll get better service.

5.  Coolant flushes and power steering flushes

Coolant flushes and power steering flushes are the most common tricks mechanics use. Before you agree on them, check your owner’s manual – many vehicles have fluids that are designed to last for 100 000 miles. Another common trick is when a mechanic will tell you that you need your fuel injector changed. This is a waste of money, as today’s fuel usually has detergent in it to keep the injector clean.

Managed services; leave IT to the professionals


The problem
Day by day, as budget cuts and redundancies surface, IT companies are at tenterhooks about conducting business. The technology world has never slowed down and with the way things are going, very soon IT leaders will be out of business if they don’t embrace the incoming changes.
BYOD, which means the permission to use one’s own device at their workplace, is fast becoming the norm. Once such situations were unheard of but now with the advent of highly consumerised products, IT departments would be better off adapting rather than resisting. Besides, should it shrink to such a level that the day is spent resolving technical matters, or should the department be focused on developing systems to increase the company’s potential and generate revenue streams?

Enter now Managed Services
Managed services, or the outsourcing of tasks, are allowing an external company to take over IT infrastructure management. Once considered a distant possibility due to the small scale of operations which did not warrant the need for outsourcing, now a days managed services is making rounds among the IT professionals; and for good reason too.
Managed services, when seen in the context of the huge scale of operations which many companies have, can be the solution to a lot of not only technical and IT related hurdles but also costs savings. Efficiency will greatly increase when resources and energies are directed towards systems development rather than resolving petty issues.

Prevent a division of energies
Managed services can be likened to the services of a house maid. She washes the dishes, does the dusting, does laundry and so on. Sure you could do all this, but you don’t. This is because you’re a doctor and you could pay a maid the amount which you earned in less than an hour. You reaped huge time savings which translate into great budget savings. Not only that but you’re left with more time to do what you’re best at.
However, contracting with a managed services provider and a maid are not the same thing when it comes to achieving optimum results. Rigorous preparation is required in terms of outlining needs and requirements and chalking down priorities. Not only that but due consideration is also needed in deciding upon a good managed services provider.

Deciding on a good provider
A good managed services provider will, first off, ensure maximum uptime. After this comes an innate ambition to deliver. Most companies will run strictly by the book. While these may appear feasible for some, a company like 24 By Seven goes the extra mile to understand and deliver exactly as per your aims. You don’t have to specifically state your demands; you may simply state your broad objectives and receive a tailor-made plan devised to help achieve those goals.

Closing off
Technical finesse is at the core of a successful managed services company and that is something, which comes naturally for 24 By Seven. Employing the best in class engineers, feel free to expect nothing less than the best.

Do You Really Need a CCTV Camera?

As a business owner, your first priority is to make sure your business premises- including your staff as well as customers. Employing security personnel is not a fool-proof idea as compared to digital security options available in the market today. As the owner of business, you will always want to adopt security service that is fool-proof and trustworthy. In case of any misshaping, CCTV cameras and recorders can always prove to be useful in legal matters.

Why use CCTV cameras?

  • Fool proof- Which means whatever recorded by CCTV is always true and it is considered to be one of the major evidence in chaos or any other mishap.

  • Cheap- CCTV cameras are also among the cheapest options for securities. Companies like CCTV101 offer different packages, online order service and one of a kind services that business owner, like you, can take advantage of.

  • Easy Set up- Installation for the CCTV camera is not a rocket science. They don’t require any expensive equipment for set up and apart from hardware installation everything is done quickly.

  • Increase in need- One of the reasons why many  businesses consider installing CCTV cameras is that there is a greater risk of violence at premises- such as bullying, verbal, sexual or emotional harassment etc.

Installation of CCTV cameras can ensure your workplace to be safer and secure for employees and customers. In fact, as a business owner, you will also be able to monitor any sort of unprofessional behavior by staff.

Things to Consider When Buying CCTV Camera:

CCTV101 offers multiple packages for business owners that are looking to install security services at premises. However, there are some things you might want to consider before finalizing a purchase from CCTV101 to make sure you get maximum out of your bucks.

  • Resolution- Some CCTVs have high picture quality in terms of resolution and frames rate. Availability of these features depend on the price of the CCTV equipment.

  • Waterproof- Gone are the times when CCTV cameras got ‘busted’ when it rained. Today, many CCTV cameras offered by CCTV101 are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about anything when it rains.

  • Night Vision- Some CCTV cameras  have optional night vision, so you can view everything in dark as well.

  • Online Access- With latest innovation, if you are ready to spend some extra bucks, you can get online streaming of your CCTV camera footage, so you can monitor everything even when you are away.

CCTV101 is one of the most renowned companies in UK for CCTV Cameras. You can order any related equipment from their website easily and get full service through their contact center.

Wooden hot tubs from TimberIN. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Wooden_hot_tubs_for_sale_buy (1)

TimberIN produces only the highest high quality wooden hot tubs and Barrel Saunas on the most competitive costs in the UK. Lots of completely satisfied clients. Hot baths in wood scorching tubs stimulate metabolism and reduces the danger of catching colds. Once I searched the market, I found many wood fired, burning or simply wooden hot tub models at

Our wooden hot tubs might be made out of spruce, larch, thermo wood or even oak. The higher wooden qualities are known as “clear, coronary heart, vertical grain”, nevertheless, there’s more to it than that in the case of wooden scorching tubs, or, top quality picket hot tubs. Wooden sizzling tubs are prone to leaking, especially if the wooden shrinks due to freezing climate or low water degree.

Most wooden tubs don’t need any special upkeep, but if you choose to complete the wood, you will in all probability need to renew the end yearly. Experiences that “in contrast to plastic spas, picket scorching tubs don’t crack, chip, blister, bubble, fade or stain.” Nonetheless, this website and other sources notice that the type of wooden used is vital. Round wood scorching tubs create a pure and relaxing experience, are nice worth to buy and cheap to run.

TimberIN staff designs and manufactures one of the biggest wooden fired hot tub’ range in the UK. Wood hot tubs, wooden fired scorching tubs with plastic liners, Fiberglass wooden fired sizzling tubs are our bread and butter. Our conventional wood scorching tubs are basic in their design and simplicity. Wooden sizzling tubs are usually constructed from larch or thermos wood and are then sealed to make sure they continue to be water tight. These advantages are inherent for picket hot tubs.

Our outdoor saunas for sale uk is hand crafted utilizing the finest wood. In most cases saunas are produced from spruce or lach. Our product line contains barrel saunas with conventional wooden fired stove, indoor and outside cabin saunas, dipping swimming pools, hot tubs and pavilions. Also, as an out of doors sauna, the Barrel Sauna is good for the indoor or the backyard environment.

Browse a number of wooden barrel saunas, and buy one in the present day! Also, as an out of doors sauna, the Barrel Sauna is ideal for the yard or backyard atmosphere. Additionally, as an outside sauna, the Barrel Sauna is good for the backyard or garden environment.

New Gatekeeper app


Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – GateKeeper is a brand new app for iOS and Android devices that will painlessly deliver cutting edge technology in a package specifically designed for the community you live in. Whilst everyone enjoys and expects instant access to almost all information few communities even provide the most basic websites for their residents. GateKeeper offers a community a ‘branded’ customized app built to your exact specification offering real-time gate reporting, social features, communications, management, an organic resident directory and more. Giving your community the level of service you expect when using an app from a blue chip corporation.

“Whilst most developers seem to always be chasing the ‘next big thing’ and looking for global solutions we, at DropSwitch, believe the real power of technology is making relevant changes to people’s everyday lives. What is more relevant than the home they live in?” explains DropSwitch founder Matthew Wilkinson. “If you want to know if your kids are having a party whilst you’re away for the weekend, if anyone wants a game of tennis or has seen your lost dog then GateKeeper is the answer. We have built GateKeeper to be very flexible so it’s 100% relevant to your community and its residents’ requirements. All the info you would ever want is always accessible instantly wherever you may roam and you can broadcast whatever info you wish effortlessly and unobtrusively. We have been working on GateKeeper for years and whilst we are obviously excited about it being released, it’s only the start and it will grow and improve rapidly as the months pass.”

GateKeeper is primarily designed for guarded community or apartments with a porter, however it can also be used to tie together any ‘location’, whether it needs to be secure or not. So it could be used for an office block, sports club or even simply a geographical area. It allows the creation of a secure group that can connect and communicate via their mobile devices and be sent instant notifications by admins, managers and guards. There are more than 60 million Americans living in gated communities and countless others around the World. “GateKeeper isn’t an off-the-shelf, one-stop solution for all of them but a platform in which we can build a custom app specifically matching the needs on each community as each is unique. I have lived in a gated community myself for a decade, so the inspiration was most definitely local, however I am already talking to some of the most exclusive addresses in London and have agents in Hong Kong and Dubai. We will be transforming community life one step at a time, not overnight. The irony is it might be a while before I’m able to actually use GateKeeper myself! GateKeeper is very affordable and pays for itself though it’s utility, savings, boosting the community image and property values far better than any other HOA dollar spent in my opinion, but people can be slow to welcome change – however inevitable it may be” claims Wilkinson.

For more information on GateKeeper – including download links, Twitter, Facebook, Blog and more – visit

Dreamhost for your website

When it’s time for you to setup a blog or website, the very first thing you need is a URL or a Universal Resource Locator, which is your domain name. In order to find or register a domain name you need a web host such as Dreamhost. You can use a coupon to receive more than 50% off the cost of the hosting.

That is quite a savings and works out to be about $3 a month for all your hosting requirements. Dreamhost is very easy to use unlike other hosting companies. The interface is set up to click, click and you’re done. They have a one-click install, which will install a host of applications such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Zen Cart (eCommerce), and Wikimedia sites.

These are open source software that runs blogs, eCommerce (shopping) sites, and wiki sites. You don’t have to do anything about installing them; the one-click does it all. They also have instructions on how to set it up once the software is installed. It couldn’t be easier to get up and running with your blog.

When you use the Dreamhost coupon, you get the first year of hosting and a major discount. However, Dreamhost’s regular price is very good and the going rate of about $6 to $8 a month will fit most pocketbooks.

They also have hosting for virtual servers, private servers, and shared servers. All that means is you can have a server only your domain is on or one that is shared by other people. If you’re going to have a lot of traffic like 50,000 a day, then you’ll need a private server. Otherwise, a shared server is the best bet when you’re just starting out.

With all the web hosting companies on the Internet and there are a million of them, the best you can do is try them out. No one hosting company is perfect, but Dreamhost is as close to perfect as you can get from a hosting company.

Of course, there are going to be problems and some people will be more than happy to explain the trouble they had with Dreamhost, but out of the 4 million clients they have, a couple of complaints are most likely the client’s problem. When you’re dealing with digital technology, you can expect small problems along the way. Dreamhost is no different than other hosting companies that have the occasional problems. They will fix it as soon as they possibly can.

A dreamhost coupon can save you a lot for the first year of hosting. They also have built-in (on site) registry for domain names. They are the ones that hold the domain in your name.

Click here: dreamhost coupon